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Investor’s Watchblog is an investor protection blog that uses SEC enforcement experience to educate and protect investors by exposing the scandals and misdeeds the securities industry tries to sweep under the rug.
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Investor’s Watchdog (IW) provides you with SEC Enforcement experience and an insider’s knowledge of the securities industry to lead you around the dangers that threaten your savings. We apply our SEC Enforcement experience to a review of information unavailable to most investors. Most importantly, we search our proprietary database which includes customer complaints a broker has negotiated to have expunged from his official record. Is your broker in our database? Click here to find out for free.

Investor’s Watchdog sees through the finely crafted sales pitch to the facts that lurk in the dark corners of the securities industry. Whether it’s a BrokerSnapshot™ report, a QualifEye™ analysis of a proposed hedge fund or other non-registered investment, or the maximum protection of a Constant Patrol™ subscription, Investor’s Watchdog will provide the level of protection you think your assets deserve.

Basic protection costs $39. Enhanced ongoing protection begins at less than 75 cents per day ($269 annually), and the safety of maximum protection costs $789. For a full description of the services included at each level of protection, explore Our Services.

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