Investor's Watchdog exists to protect investors and the ones they love from stockbroker and investment broker abuse. We are loyal to you and only you.

investor's watchdog protects investors

Investor’s Watchdog (IW) is an investor protection company founded by Pat Huddleston of Huddleston Law Firm. Investor’s Watchdog provides investors with SEC Enforcement experience and an insider’s knowledge of the securities industry to lead you around the dangers that threaten your savings. IW applies that SEC Enforcement experience to a review of information unavailable to most investors. Our proprietary database includes customer complaints a stockbroker or other investment broker has negotiated to have expunged from his official record.


As an Enforcement Branch Chief at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Pat Huddleston saw thousands of investors lose their life savings to reckless stockbrokers and outright fraud. In a decade of representing investors in private practice since leaving the SEC and before founding Investor's Watchdog, Pat often had to tell prospective clients that there was little hope of recovering their money, either because the offending brokerage firm was defunct or because the “investment” was never anything more than a well-disguised scam. In most cases, a pre-investment review of the stockbroker’s background or the offering materials for the proposed “investment” would have revealed the danger lurking on the other side of the transaction. So, Investor's Watchdog was born.


Investor’s Watchdog sees through the finely crafted investment sales pitch and into the dark corners of the securities industry, shedding light on things most investors cannot see without expert help. Boilerplate that is indecipherable to you as an investor may be a red flag to IW. Most importantly, investors cannot assess what is not said, while Investor's Watchdog can recognize omissions that scream warning!


Whether it’s a BrokerSnapshot® report, a QualifEye® analysis of a proposed hedge fund or other unregistered investment, or the maximum protection of a Constant Patrol® subscription, Investor’s Watchdog provides investors with the level of protection they think their assets deserve.

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