Regulatory Rap Sheet - Banc of America Merrill Lynch

Learn these things, and you’ll be safer overnight. Remain ignorant of them, and you run the risk of learning them the hard way.

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has fined BOA Merrill Lynch $35,000 and forced it to pay more than $11,000 to customers. According to FINRA, BOA Merrill charged its customers unfairly high prices for corporate bonds.  BOA Merrill consented to the sanction without admitting or denying liability. (more…)

Former BOA Merrill Lynch Broker Charged with Defrauding NFL Player

You carry that conviction of invulnerability into your meetings with brokers and investment advisers.

Professional athletes are always in the sights of investment fraudsters for a very practical reason: they have a lot of money. You name the sport, and I can cite you to several cases involving players being swindled. A recent case tells a familiar tale. According to (more…)

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