Alternative Investments Can Be Traps for the Unwary

Some of the typical risks and problems associated with alternative investments are risk of loss of principal, excessive fees, lack of transparency, illiquidity, and high correlation with asset classes (like stocks) that they purportedly hedge.

The panic of 2008, continued stock market volatility and the problem of how to reduce debt and close deficits have flattened investor confidence in the stock market, and, consequently, traditional asset allocation models.  What was traditionally viewed as a balanced portfolio – 60% stocks and 40% bonds – is now viewed by some as high risk. (more…)


“Investments Sold Through Free Lunch Seminar Turned Out to be a Ponzi Scheme”

“The men allegedly conducted estate planning seminars, aimed primarily at retirees …, and sold promissory notes for investments in Turkish bonds to “individuals with substantial savings….”

“As through this world you wander you’ll see lots of funny men, some will rob you with a six gun and some with a fountain pen” (Woody Guthrie, Pretty Boy Floyd, 1939).

“Free lunch” seminars are a favorite tactic used by today’s fountain pen robbers who target mostly elderly retirees with substantial assets.  They know that audience members are unlikely to be vigilant investors looking for fraud or they would not be there in the first place.  Unfortunately, many audience members come there looking for someone to trust.  That is often their first and fatal mistake.  One recent example of this can be found in an article entitled “Men Charged in $28 Million Investment Scheme.” (more…)

Distressed Real Estate Fund Fraud

This case is the uppermost molecule of frozen water at the very top of a very big iceberg.

As I’ve talked to radio hosts over the past year in interviews about The Vigilant Investor, I’ve often been asked to identify the schemes that are hot currently; those that are ruining nest eggs right now.  Usually, I identify two: promissory note scams and distressed real estate scams. This week, the SEC filed an enforcement action in another case involving the latter. According to the SEC’s press release: (more…)

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