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Use our secure online form to check our stockbroker database or report stockbroker misconduct.

You may also file a confidential stockbroker misconduct report over the phone. To speak directly to an Investor’s Watchdog Representative, call:
Atlanta metro area
Outside metro Atlanta
Toll Free 1-866-423-WDOG
Toll Free 1-866-423-9364

You can also report stockbroker misconduct by sending email to: Investor's Watchdog Customer Service


Perhaps you are interested in letting Investor’s Watchdog help you protect your savings because your current or former stockbroker mistreated you. Perhaps you are even one of the Americans each year who lose money to outright stockbroker fraud. Whatever the level of misconduct by the broker or his firm, Investor’s Watchdog wants to know about it. If you need legal representation and want a referral, IW will give you the contact information for an attorney who handles securities cases in your area.

Beyond protecting your personal legal rights, though, sharing your impressions of the broker with Investor’s Watchdog can help untold numbers of future investors. Brokerage firms often insist that settlements with complaining customers include a confidentiality clause prohibiting the customer from talking about his bad experience. Of course, that secrecy leaves the broker free to mistreat the next customer in the same way he mistreated you.

Investor’s Watchdog is putting a stop to the securities industry’s culture of silence, and you can help. By telling Investor’s Watchdog about your experience with your current or former broker, you will have an impact on that broker’s IW Broker Safety Rating, Later customers who otherwise may have fallen for the same assurances of trustworthiness that the broker used with you, will instead see a Broker Safety Rating that should warn them to be skeptical of the broker’s sales pitch and to look elsewhere for a trustworthy adviser.

As thanks for helping future investors and helping Investor’s Watchdog serve them better, Investor’s Watchdog will apply a $10 discount your first IW order.

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