Seniors have worked for decades to accumulate the money that will last them through retirement. That money makes them targets.

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Recently Divorced
When divorce divides a marital brokerage account, one party usually finds himself or herself deciding between staying with the broker who handled the marital account and finding a new broker. Both scenarios are dangerous.

Especially in the case of a spouse who was not the primary breadwinner, investment objectives and risk tolerance are often radically different following a divorce. By staying with the same broker, the spouse is running the risk that the broker may continue to take the same risk with the new account as he or she did with the marital account.

Investor’s Watchdog’s founder has represented more than one recently divorced woman who lost almost all of her share of a marital brokerage account for exactly this reason. Choosing a new broker on the basis of a sales presentation, though, is no safer.

Investor’s Watchdog can help protect the assets that now must produce an income for someone recently divorced, or that will need to be the stable foundation on which a recently divorced individual can build a safe retirement nest egg.

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