Beneficiaries of an estate need Investor's Watchdog to help protect the legacy your loved one planned for you to have.

More investors at risk
Hedge Funds, Limited Partnerships, and More
While at the SEC, Investor’s Watchdog’s founder investigated hedge funds and limited partnerships that turned out to be very sophisticated Ponzi schemes. Decades after Charles Ponzi first lent his name to the scam that, each year, robs thousands of Americans of their retirement nest egg, senior citizens and baby boomers still fall prey to it, with no hope of recovery. Having been trained by the SEC, Investor’s Watchdog can smell a scam and protect customers from it.

Investor’s Watchdog QualifEye™ analysis is an independent review of hedge funds, limited partnerships, and other non-registered investments. IW will dig to confirm the identity and background of the promoters or hedge fund managers, read any and all disclosure documents, and perform whatever additional investigation is necessary to gain a firm basis from which to make a recommendation about whether the investment is legitimate. Customers ordering a QualifEye report will receive the latest issue of the Investor’s Watchdog Sentinel.

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