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Constant Patrol subscription
Constant Patrol
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Constant Patrol™ Subscription

An Investor's Watchdog Constant Patrol™ subscription erects the highest wall between the customer and financial ruin. The product is a compilation of all of IW’s products. The customer receives monthly reports giving Investor’s Watchdog’s Broker Safety Ratings, with a list of the facts bearing upon the rating, including the specifics of any reported customer complaints or regulatory actions. Because IW daily adds disciplinary actions to its database, if it uncovers an action against the broker between monthly reports, IW will notify the customer immediately.

Constant Patrol protection includes one QualifEye™ analysis annually, and an annual subscription to the Investor’s Watchdog Sentinel, IW’s investor protection newsletter. Subscribers to the Constant Patrol protection service will also receive ongoing review of correspondence they receive from the broker. What seems like an innocuous “thank you for your business” letter can be a red flag suggesting excessive risk.

A Constant Patrol subscription gives the customer maximum protection by alerting the customer immediately to red flags suggesting that the customer is at risk. Constant Patrol protection is IW’s best value at $789 annually, giving the customer services that would costs more than $1,000 if purchased separately.

View a free sample Constant Patrol subscription update.

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