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QualifEye™ Analysis Report
A QualifEye™ analysis report provides basic protection for the customer considering an investment in a hedge fund, a limited partnership, or any other non-registered investment. While at the SEC, Investor’s Watchdog’s founder investigated Ponzi schemes, prime bank scams, and fraudulent limited partnerships and hedge funds. With each case announced in the media, IW’s founder believed that the public disclosure would be sufficient to warn the investing public away from similar scams. Yet, 10 years later, seniors and baby boomers still fall prey to these scams, oftentimes losing a lifetime’s worth of savings with no hope of recovery. Having been trained by the SEC, Investor’s Watchdog can smell a scam and protect customers from it.

Investor’s Watchdog’s QualifEye™ report is an independent review of non-registered investments. IW will dig to confirm the identity and background of the promoters, read any and all disclosure documents, and perform whatever additional investigation is necessary to gain a firm basis from which to make a recommendation about whether the investment is legitimate.

For $689, IW will put an SEC-trained eye on non-registered investments. Plus, customers ordering a QualifEye analysis will receive the latest issue of the Investor’s Watchdog Sentinel newsletter.

View a free sample QualifEye analysis.

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