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Winnow™ Protection Service

Winnow™ protection service gives investors enhanced security. It includes quarterly reports giving IW’s Broker Safety Rating, with a list of the facts bearing upon the rating, including the specifics of any reported customer complaints or regulatory actions.

Broker misconduct commonly comes to light only as a firm updates the broker’s disciplinary record through filing a Form U4 or Form U5 with the FINRA. Broker-dealers are not required to update that information immediately. It is not unusual, therefore, for several related customer complaints to land on the broker’s record in a matter of weeks or months. Winnow protection allows the customer to learn at least quarterly whether the broker may have mistreated others in the months before the latest report. The customer can then take steps to ensure that he will not be next in what might be a long line of mistreated customers. Customers ordering the Winnow service will receive the latest issue of the Investor’s Watchdog Sentinel newsletter.

IW's ongoing Winnow protection service costs less than 75 cents per day ($269) annually. Ask your Investor’s Watchdog representative about discounts on Winnow protection on more than one broker.

Customers who want to know sooner when a customer complaint or regulatory action appears on a broker’s record should consider Investor’s Watchdog’s Winnow Plus service or the maximum protection provided by an Investor’s Watchdog Constant Patrol subscription.

View a free sample Winnow quarterly update report.

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