Investor’s Watchdog sees through the finely crafted sales pitch to the facts that lurk in the dark corners of the securities industry. Whether it’s a BrokerSnapshot™ report, a QualifEye™ analysis of a proposed hedge fund or other non-registered investment, or the maximum protection of a Constant Patrol™ subscription — all tax deductible — Investor’s Watchdog will provide the level of protection you think your assets deserve.

"We are all inclined to believe those whom we do not know because they have never deceived us." — Samuel Johnson

Investor’s Watchdog knows that brokers who take advantage of their customers often have done it before. Investor’s Watchdog knows the securities industry and the brokerage firm’s secrets. We recognize the characteristics of a less than trustworthy broker. We know the pressures that stockbrokers operate under and the misconduct that those pressures most often produce. We know human nature and the con man’s art. We know the early warning signs of eminent danger. We exist to protect investors.

Threats to Investors
How many previous customers have accused him of being reckless with their savings?
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