Stockbroker as Salesman

Your stockbroker is a salesman, and he is good at selling because his livelihood depends on it. Don't let your stockbroker put his interests ahead of yours. Your stockbroker's claims need to be independently verified and his credentials checked by a specialist.

All kinds of investors have fallen victim to fraudulent investments and reckless stockbrokers, including accountants, doctors, engineers, scientists, and many others. They all believed they were too smart to be taken. Feel the same? Think again.

Seniors Are Favorite Targets

Seniors have worked for decades to accumulate the nest eggs they expect to last them through retirement, to pay for increasingly expensive healthcare needs, and/or to leave a legacy to their children or grandchildren.
Those assets make them the favorite targets of scam artists and reckless stockbrokers.

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Threats to Baby Boomers

Broker misconduct and fraudulent schemes turn what should be golden years for boomers into years of want and desperation instead.

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